PML-N’s futuristic manifesto

WITH less than three weeks left to the general election 2018, the former ruling party – PML-N – on Thursday released its manifesto with the slogan of ‘Honour the Vote – Vote for Performance’. It encompasses the party’s vision to ensure prosperity of Pakistan, building upon the work done by its Government during the last five years.
Unlike PPP, which became the first party to have unfolded its elections manifesto and promised catchy programmes like ‘Bhook Mitao’ (eliminate hunger), ‘Kissan Card and a government job for every family, PML-N has adopted a realistic course to accelerate Pakistan’s march on the road to become one of the 25 top economies of the world. PML-N has promised to raise annual GDP rate, reduce budget deficit, achieve an average industrial growth, develop socio-economic zones to boost industrial production, harness the opportunity of CPEC projects to enhance access to domestic and international markets besides creating jobs for 2 million new entrants into the job market every year. The party has also vowed to scale up PM’s interest-free loan programme, eliminate poverty by 2030, distribute millions of acres of state-owned land in 5-acre package to landless tenants and train two million people in skills required for entrepreneurship. These are the goals that the party also tried to achieve and with considerable success in its just-concluded tenure and therefore, cannot be dubbed as mere hollow slogans. Pakistan’s problems can be mitigated to a great extent if we pursue policies to harness true potential of our agriculture sector, develop industry on modern lines ensuring value addition and export-orientation and special focus on IT industry and exports. Focus of PML-N in the last term on infrastructure development and overcoming crippling energy shortage are paying back. However, one must say that not only PML-N but successive governments failed to live up to their commitment of allocating at least four percent of GDP for education, as education is key to progress and development. There was also lack of proper focus on human resource development and tapping of vast potential of our IT industry. The party has also pledged to establish community-level “Awami Adalat” (public courts) in easily accessible locations and this is understandable in the backdrop of huge backlog of cases in courts and proverbial delay in dispensation of justice. PTI has yet to announce its manifesto but we would urge that whichever party is given mandate by the people, it should strive to adopt all visionary concepts, programmes and plans of manifestoes of different parties for the benefit of the country and its people.

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