PML-N to ensure national uplift, prosperity of masses: Shahbaz


Staff Reporter

Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Monday said that national development and prosperity were top most priorities of the government.
“Our every step is aimed at ensuring national development and prosperity of the people. Pakistan of today is much better than the past and we are moving speedily towards achieving the goal of a self-reliant, prosperous and economically-sustained Pakistan,” he added. The chief minister expressed these views while talking to members of the assembly who called on him.
He said the PML-N government had taken unprecedented steps for making the country economically self-reliant which had no resemblance in the 70 years history of the country. He said, additional production of thousands of megawatts electricity and restoration of peace in the country were historic achievements of the PML-N. The people, he said, would always remember the steps taken for moving the country on road to development and prosperity. He said that Punjab had emerged as a role model with regard to its immaculate development process for other provinces.
The chief minister said, the people would forever bury the negative politics of opponents of development adding, those who had increased the problems of the people would have to be held accountable for their deeds. He said, the power-mongers trying to make it to the power corridors through backdoors could never be sincere with the people and the masses would hold accountability of such elements in the elections of 2018. He said the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had been ruined in the name of change and added that criticizers of metro bus had no ability to complete this important project as they had dug up the whole city of Peshawar in guise of metro project.
He said elements that remained engaged in sit-ins, lockdown and mendacity would be hiding their faces from the people during the next elections.
He said the party which was given mandate by the people of Sindh had badly disappointed the masses there.
Those who turned Karachi which was once the city of lights as a trash-hub would be face ashamed during the next elections. “2018 is a year to hold accountability of elements engaged in negative politics,” he added.
He said the PML-N would win 2018 elections with a thumping majority on the basis of its performance and public service record.
“If Almighty Allah accorded an opportunity to serve after 2018, then the development process will be moved forward with renewed l zeal,” CM added.

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