PML-N sinks Pakistan in loans


Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior central leader Ch Parvez Elahi has said that begging bowls for not taking loans Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif each is carrying a deg on his shoulder and sunk Pakistan in loans.
Addressing a press conference along with MPAs Vickas Mokal, Shah Muhammad Khagga, Khadeeja Farooqui and Mian Munir at his residence here Sunday, he said that new Punjab budget is also bag full of showoffs and rigging, more than half of development funds allocated for education, health and agriculture and other projects like last year will be utilized on the orange line, having both the governments electricity shortfall even today is 5000 megawatt whereas secrets of Sahiwal coal power project are being hidden.
Ch Parvez Elahi said that both the brothers have become ‘hero’ of taking maximum loans in the history of Pakistan and Punjab, during our government in Punjab loans were Rs 267 billion which has now increased to Rs 721 billion.
He said their budget is saying that loans will reach the level of Rs 568. 12 billion by June 30, 2017 and if Rs 128 billion loan of orange line and Rs 25 billion included then the total becomes Rs 720 billion including 95 per cent i. e. foreign debt of Rs 681 billion and remaining 6 per cent is local debt, according to the White Paper even after paying loans and interest regularly this cannot be ridden off by 2046.
He said that claimants of historical development budgets had allocated Rs 550 billion in the last budget out of which only Rs 264 billion i. e. 48 per cent have been utilized so far and the rest cannot be spend in remaining two months.
He challenged Shehbaz Sharif that more than half of the funds have been allocated for showoffs of which there is documentary proof. He said in the Sahiwal coal power project government and company’s ownership and other details are being hidden because there is no transparency in it.
He said further during Peoples Party tenure Shehbaz Sharif used to sit with hand fun at Minar-e-Pakistan that shortfall is 5000 megawatt, according to their federal minister the same shortfall is there even today so after 9 years of their coming and going and inaugurating the same project thrice in a year and spending crores of rupees, where electricity of these projects has gone?, because Quaid-i-Azam solar, Nandipur ND Bhikki power projects all are dollars making projects.—INP

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