PML-N most popular political party in country: Shehbaz


LAHORE : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that after senate elections, success of a candidate backed by Pakistan Muslim League-N in the by-election of Sargodha is the manifest of public trust over our policies.

In his statement issued here Monday, the Chief Minister congratulated the PML-N-backed candidate Yasir Zafar Sandhu as well as the party workers and said that after success in Lodhran, by-election of Sargodha have reaffirmed people’s trust over the PML-N leadership and their policies.

The conscious people have shown the mirror to the elements doing the negative politics of falsehood and allegations. The elements involved in the politics of agitation, chaos and sit-ins have been defeated in Lodhran and Sargodha.

The results of the by-elections are writing on the wall for such elements involved in the politics of chaos. By rejecting such elements, people have given a clear cut message that there is no room for politics of anarchy.

The Chief Minister said that public service is pivot of the politics of PML-N and due to it; people have given it precedence in every election. The people are desirous of national development and prosperity and recent bye elections have proved that the masses want a continuity of PML-N’s policies.

He said that PML-N is the most popular political party in the country due to its positive style of politics. The elements engaged in leveling baseless allegations will not get anything except a sense of penitence. In the next elections, people will reaffirm PML-N’s policies through their votes, he added.

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