PML-N in quandary

With general election just a month ahead, the former ruling party PML-N seems to be in a quandary over various issues including award of tickets as well as running of its election campaign. No doubt, there are complaints and brawls in other parties as well but some recent developments show that PML-N which has vast experience of handling polls-related political activities is in a fix on how to proceed ahead in the given scenario.
The way the PML-N leadership tackled the issues of Ch. Nisar Ali Khan and Zaeem Qadri has sent discouraging signals to its workers. Irrespective of what caused rift between former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and his one of the close aides Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, the apparent emotional handling of the issue may cause political and electoral loss to the party in coming weeks. A day earlier, the party decided not to field candidates against Nisar in two NA and two Punjab Assembly constituencies from where the former Interior Minister has announced to contest as independent candidate. However, the very next day, a u-turn was taken and tickets were allotted to PML-N candidates and as a result votes of both PML-N and Ch. Nisar would obviously go down providing benefit to their political opponents. Nisar too has to be blamed as he has been making anti-leadership pronouncements and that too at a time when the party was in trouble but the leadership too has not shown the level of maturity and cool-mindedness that was required to address the issue satisfactorily. They say there are no permanent friends and foes in politics and PML-N is not immune to this truth. Similarly, Zaeem Qadri has declined to join PTI which means there was still room to accommodate him. PML-N may also face difficulties during election campaign as Nawaz Sharif has indicated he might not be available for the purpose because of uncertain health conditions of her wife, who is admitted in a London hospital. There are also numerous other factors that would determine the fate of the party in coming weeks and it depends on sagacity of the leadership how to respond to the challenge.

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