PML-N has put country on road to progress: Shahbaz


Salim Ahmed


Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that PML-N government has succeeded to put the country on the road to progress despite Imran Niazi’s sit-ins, chaos, levelling allegations, creating hurdles as well as negative politics. PML-N government under the leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was successful solving problems and brining substantial reduction in terrorism and giving economic boost to the economy of Pakistan. He said the people are fully awarded about the public service rendered by PML-N government during the last five years.
He said the people were facing problems like energy shortage, terrorism, extremism and weak economy when PML-N government came into power. Under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, projects of generating thousands of megawatts electricity were installed by investing billions of rupees. A political decision was taken by the end of 2014 for eliminating terrorism and extremism that operation would be conducted in Karachi for maintaining peace and this responsibility would be given to rangers and no interference would be carried out in this regard. Rangers discharged its obligations whole-heartedly and peace can be witnessed in Karachi, the city of lights. Peace was maintained due to the sacrifices rendered by Jawans and officers of Pak Army under Operation Razab-e-Azab and Radd-ul-Fasaad.
He expressed pleasure while seeing peace in the area during his visit to southern Waziristan. Unprecedented sacrifices were rendered by the Jawans and officers of 11 corps for the country. They have fought with anti-state elements with bravery which resulted bringing peace in the country. Provinces had also increased their capability for maintaining peace. Counter Terrorism department was established in Punjab. The officers and jawans of this department also fought against terrorism with bravery. Beside, decrease in terrorism, economic stability is another achievement of the PML-N.
These views were expressed by him while addressing a crowded press conference at a local hotel today. The Chief Minister, by describing the performance of Punjab government said that we have served the people of Punjab wholeheartedly whereas PTI leadership always leveled allegations on us. PTI always said that Punjab government is constructing only roads and bridges and we have no interest in provision of education and health facilities. We have worked hard instead of giving them answers of their baseless allegations and nation can easily compare our work and facts will also become crystal clear.
He said that recent report of UNDP has made it clear that Punjab is far ahead from KPK and other provinces in education and health in every aspect. This report has published in 2008 but PTI has tried to made this report controversial. He said though generation of electricity is federal liability but there are some responsibility on provinces as well which we have fulfilled. In 2012, Imran Khan said that why provinces cannot generate electricity under 18th amendment, at that time PPP was power in federation and there was hurdles for us for generating electricity but when we got the chance we installed electricity projects.
On the other hand, Khan Sahib said that he will make country self-sufficient in electricity but he only generated minus six megawatt electricity in KPK. Punjab government by utilizing its resources installed 1180 megawatt electricity project in Bhikki whereas speedy work is being carried out on another project of 1250 MW in Haveli Bahadur Shah and during this year in December this project will start generating 800 MW electricity. Punjab government has invested 150 billion in these two projects whereas federal government has made an investment of 150 billion in the electricity plants of Haveli Bahadur Shah and Balloki which are working on gas. In this way, 5000MW electricity has been generated at a cost of Rs. 300 billion rupees. Under CPEC coal power plant of 1320 has been completed before six months in Sahiwal. Completion of this project and generation of electricity will greatly help to promote industry and agriculture. Solar energy factories of 400MW have been installed in Quaid-e-Azam solar park Bahawalpur. He said that Punjab government has made an investment in the energy generating projects which are giving fruit to whole of the country. He said that in 2010 it was decided in CCI meeting that out of 700MW electricity supplied to Karachi from WAPDA, 300MW should be provided to the Punjab because there was energy crisis in Punjab at that time but till now we have not been supplied a single megawatt electricity according to that decision. He said we have generated more than 5000MW electricity by utilizing our resources which is being supplied to whole of Pakistan and this electricity was generated in Punjab. There might be no load-shedding in the province but we prefer the interest of whole of Pakistan first. He said that Punjab Educational Endowment Fund is another historic step of Punjab. Stipends from educational fund of 70 billion is being provided to 3.5 lakh resource less children for imparting them education and thousands of youth after getting education are serving the country after becoming doctors and engineers.
He said that 16 Daanish schools have been established in far-flung and backward areas of the province where 10 thousand children of poor families are getting education. Four lakh laptops were distributed among the students on merit. Under Punjab Education Foundation 20 lakh poor children were enrolled in the partner schools. Such schools which were performing poor, among them as much as 4.5 thousand schools were handed over to NGOs now. Number of students have been doubled in these institutions. He said that setting up of 200 new colleges and 19 universities in Punjab is not a simple thing.
He said that health insurance card was another initiative of Nawaz Sharif government which provided free of cost treatment facility to the common man. Health insurance cards were introduced in 17 districts of Punjab and large number of people were got benefited from this project. Punjab government fully participated in this program of federal government. District and tehsil headquarters hospitals have been upgraded in Punjab, state-of-the-art pathology labs were constructed, CT scan machines were installed in these hospitals, high quality medicines have been made available in the hospitals free of cost. Recep Tayyip Erdogan hospital has been set up in Muzaffargarh which can be compared with any hospital of the Europe. Health facilities are being provided to the people of far-flung areas through mobile health units. Four burn units have been established in different cities whereas modern hospital of heart diseases has been set up in Bahawalpur.
Gynea service has been started in 1000 basic health centers in rural areas round the clock. Besides providing 400 ambulances in the villages. 1.5 billion were spent for providing treatment facility in aboard to patients suffered from kidney and liver disease. Patients were sent to India for the kidney transplantation earlier. We feel ashamed when we sent patients to India as they use the money being spent there for treatment against us. In order to cope this situation, we have set up Pakistan Kidney & Liver Transplant Institution in Lahore. Two kidney transplant operations have been conducted whereas liver transplant will soon be started. He said when process of liver transplant will start in PKLI that will be a befitting reply to India. He said that we have to compete with India and defeat it in the field of education, health, IT and economy. Therefore, we have set up new medical colleges and universities.
He said that in order to impart skills based education to the youth and giving them respectable job opportunities, Punjab TIANJAN university has been set up with the cooperation of China and this is the first technical university in Pakistan. In Sha Allah more such universities will be set up here as well in coming future. He said that IT university has been constituted in Rahim Yar Khan where children of Sindh and southern Punjab are getting education and it is another milestone of Punjab government.
He said that public transport system is linked with economy, elite of this country travelled on luxury cars but the large number of citizens are forced to travel on smoky vehicles; then such a nation cannot attain the production and development targets. We have changed the public transport system in Punjab; lakhs of people travel from metro bus service in Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Lahore and Multan. He said that another project of public welfare orange line metro train delayed for 22 months due to PTI and we have also introduced Speedo Buses in different cities for facilitating masses.
He said that if a nation cannot move forward then its people will not be comfortable without a speedy and safe transport service. PTI made repetition of Jangla bus on 4.5 years and now when it is going to launch this project in Peshawar, the whole city has been ruined in the name of this project. Those who have such a weak decision making capacity how they could strengthen the economy of Pakistan and increase its exports. He said that PTI raised slogans of education and health for 4.5 years and against the metro bus. He said that Punjab government has set up state of art Khidmat Centre where 17 services are being provided to the people under one roof.
The Chief Minister said those who are claiming that they got education from oxford have ruined the education system in their province. Peshawar high court taken notice on bad results of matriculation exams of public sector schools. We have enrolled 19000 brick kiln workers’ children in schools whereas children working at brick kiln in KPK and Baluchistan similarly, interest free loans have been given to the 20 lakh youth which will benefit one crore 20 lakh people.

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