PML-N govt opposed including Keti Bandar into CPEC: Bilawal

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Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman has said that PPP is the only democratic party which is not only aware of the issues facing by the people but also working to resolve it.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony of Karachi-Thatta Dual Carriageway here Thursday, Bilawal said this dual carriageway is a gift for both the people of Karachi and Thatta.He went on to say PPP is the only party which can formulate Foreign Policy. PPP challenged terrorism. Others can only hold Dharnas and raise “Mujhe Ku Nikala” slogans.
“I want 100 percent free medical facilities to every Pakistani, and only PPP will make this possible,” vowed Bilawal.
“It is only PPP and Sindh government, which has served masses, providing free treatment for heart diseases and I want 100 percent free medical facilities to every Pakistani,” he added.
Criticizing the ruling PML-N government, Bilawal said he wanted to include Keti Bandar into CPEC, but N-League government opposed it.

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