PML-N govt laid foundation of prosperous Pakistan: Shahbaz


Salim Ahmed

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said public service was the pivot of politics of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.
The PML-N had selflessly served masses in each of its tenure and mega projects had been initiated to provide basic facilities to people, he said talking to a delegation of PML-N here.
People could not be served through speeches or hollow slogans but one had to work really hard for it, he said and added, “We fully believe in public service and the journey of serving the masses will be continued in future as well.”
He said the culture of transparency and merit had been promoted in the province because it was the only way to achieve the goal of progress and prosperity. Pursuance of the policy of merit and transparency had accelerated the journey of development, he added.
He said the PML-N government had set records of transparency, quality and speed in the projects of public service and maintained that the development projects were the examples with regard to the aspects of transparency and standard.
The four years tenure of PML-N government was a clear proof of transparency, public service and honesty, he said and added that the international organizations had also acknowledged the policy of transparency of the incumbent government.
He said people were reaping the fruits of speedy development and the projects of upgrading and progress had been accelerated with quality and speed despite impediments. “During our four years tenure, the foundation of prosperous and developed Pakistan has been laid,” he added.
Shahbaz Sharif said the national interest had always been given precedence by the PML-N and the norms of tolerance, national unity and civility had been promoted as well, adding, the participation of all the federating units in the welfare programs of the Punjab government was a valiant proof of it.
He said the economy had been strengthened due to solid policies of the government during the last four years and the strong economy had started giving results.
He said a corruption-free and merit-based culture had been promoted in the province and pointed out that the Punjab province was performance-wise leading all other provinces. He said, “We are required to move ahead as a team in the journey of development by following the golden principles of hard work, honesty and trust.” He said the rule of law, merit and justice had been ensured in the province and all the people had equal opportunities to excel.
He said the PML-N leadership had come up to the expectations of the masses which they had reposed over it during the elections of 2013 and added, “We are moving towards the fulfilment of the promises made with the people.”
During the elections 2018, the conscious people would again let the politics of service, honesty and trust to succeed, concluded the chief minister.

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