PM seeks three months

IN his media interaction on Friday with a select group of journalists, Prime Minister Imran Khan asked critics to bear with him for three months for judging performance of the new Government. He also touched upon a number of important issues including intention of his administration to review all international agreements, across the board accountability, use of helicopter for travel between PM House and Bani Gala, appointment of Usman Buzdar as Chief Minister of Punjab and no dictation from the United States.
There is absolutely no doubt that the Government was still in its formative stage as more inductions have to be made in the federal cabinet and the authorities have to make key appointments in several institutions, which were being run on ad-hoc basis. The Government has started working but not in full gear and therefore, there is logic that critics should wait for at least three months that the Prime Minister has sought to judge the quality of governance and policies and programmes of the new regime. However, it is also to be kept in mind that expectations were raised by the PTI leadership itself and it has to take every measure after due calculation. As for the plan to review ‘all international agreements’, we believe, this across the board statement would send wrong signals to our friends and development partners. There is no justification to presume that all international agreements have something fishy. So far, all governments have been holding out assurance that they would abide by the international agreements that previous governments entered as this sparks confidence among business and development partners. No one is stopping you from looking into any wrong committed in the past but this should be done in a prudent and subtle manner. The plan to mobilize money from the overseas Pakistanis is a step in the right direction as this can help overcome the serious financial crisis especially in the backdrop of fast depleting foreign exchange reserves. Apart from this, thousands of Pakistanis have stashed their money abroad and efforts should also be made to bring that money back. Again, the circular debt is rising rapidly and mere accusations would not resolve the problem and steps will have to be taken including broad-daylight theft of electricity to improve the situation.

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