PM Nawaz a political dictator: Qadri


As the world watches the fate of Pakistan’s democratically elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, in alleged corruption charges that could eventually see him removed by the Supreme Court. In an interview to Al Jazeera, Islamic Scholar Dr.Tahir ul Qadri, talks about whether he believes Pakistan is democratic state or not and if not then what does he thinks about the elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. “It’s a political dictatorship in a country that is constitutionally a democratic republic,” he said.
Qadri said, “There is no rule of law, no protection to the people, this is a dictatorship and rule of the elite based on corruption.” Tahir ul Qadri was asked why he didn’t accept the outcome of 2013 elections when Nawaz Sharif won the election. Which was monitored by European Union and concluded that it showed a strong democratic commitment with high levels of competition a marked increase in voter’s participation and over-all acceptance of the outcome? “Election is not the beauty of democracy, it is one part of the whole process of democracy”, Qadri.
“All things have been maneuvered; election commission was under the Nawaz Sharif. Judges are being appointed by him, they have made amendments in the constitution, 17 amendments have been made; democratic spirit of constitution is totally out of the constitution.” Whether Qadri wants call for a Military coup to get the elected prime minister removed or not, despite his praises for the Military in the past. “No, I’ve never called out for coup I have never been in favor of military dictatorship I am totally against every kind of dictatorship whether it is military or in the name of the civil rule, dictatorship is dictatorship. I believe in the popular democracy where people have the right to choose their rulers where people have the rights to save and secure their rights.”—NNI

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