PM House as museum

In his first speech after winning the 25 July general election, Imran Khan said that he won’t live in the PM House. Yes, it is not a matter of honour — for the leader of a poor nation — to live in the luxurious house. The putative PM of Pakistan wishes to make the PM House an educational institution. It’s a wonderful idea. But it would have been better if he had also thought of making the PM House a Museum.
Well once the property is opened for public, the animosity and loathing of people against previous rulers will increase and it will grow popularity of Khan among masses.
People of this country have been misgoverned since independence. It is for the first time in the history of this country that someone has sacrificed his own comfort to govern the country in right direction. To let people know how their rulers enjoyed the luxuries when they (people) were struggling to meet with both ends, the idea of making the PM House into a Museum should be considered.

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