PM against horse-trading

Elections to the Senate are scheduled to be held less than a month from now on March 03, 2018 and perhaps for the first time that voices of horse-trading are being raised left and right as not only moneyed but rather billionaires are in the race for becoming a Senator irrespective of their having any representation as such in the national and provincial legislatures. This is very much shameful, deplorable as well as condemnable and one can only welcome ‘Jehad’ which none else but PM S K Abbasi has called for against political horse-trading and quite categorically declared to resist and shame those who will be getting the Senate membership, unfortunately, using their big fortune. According to media reports, PM has called for “jihad” in this regard while addressing a public gathering after launching work on gas supply project to Isakhel Tehsil and adjoining areas. The Prime Minister has put quite a burning question as how a party or individual with no MPA in a Provincial Assembly can become a Senator, there is only one method of plundering and venality which we all have to reject outrightly as this is not in the national interest in any manner. The PM, who repeatedly asked the people including the parliamentarians of the area to shame and present them before the public court emphatically believing that such elements will neither be serving the people nor the Senate, must be having some information about the rich people trying to use their riches to become a Senator and should make public their names even before they indulge in their satanic use of the big money so that their ways are blocked by the people at large particularly of the areas to which they may be hailing from.

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