PM for Democratic Pakistan

QUAID-I-AZAM not only won us freedom but also gave the vision as to what path Pakistan had to traverse as a state to earn its rightful place in the comity of nations. He had envisioned Pakistan as a democratic state but unfortunately the country’s march on the road to democracy was disrupted time and again by military interventions. Then the crass politics and lust for power and self-aggrandizement also damaged the country so much that it could not witness the birth of a true democracy that could deliver its fruit to the common man.
Addressing a ceremony at the Karachi Shipyard, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said his vision is to strengthen Pakistan on the democratic and economic fronts. While agreeing with the vision of the honorable PM, we will also suggest that practical steps in this regard should also be taken so that the people could see a real change in their lives. Strong and efficient party system is believed to be the basic ingredient of democracy, which is still missing in our system. In fact despite the passage of so many years, the political parties have failed to bring democracy within their own ranks. Hardly any intra party polls are conducted and even if some parties do so, everybody knows their results as to who will be occupying the top seat. Therefore, first and foremost thing that the political parties should do is that they should introduce true democratic culture in their own ranks in order to strengthen political process and democratic traditions. Such a course will also help bring forth the capable and genuine leadership to serve the country. In addition, democracy is also not the name of mere holding the polls but it must address socio-economic issues facing the nation and contribute to improving the quality of life for the society as a whole. The country’s salvation lies only in democracy. Its performance can improve if all the players – the government, political parties and leaders and the society – work together to strengthen democratic values by practicing them.

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