PM back in the saddle

Aamir A Najmee

It is good to note that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is back in the saddle after all on return home after undergoing open-heart surgery (or whatever it was) and recuperation for as many as 39 days with renewed spirits. The country was without Prime Minister for so many days. It is anybody’s guess that Pakistan was better off while he was in London or when he was in Islamabad prior to his rush to Britain for heart surgery.
Who was running the national affairs remains a mystery though he was reportedly looking after all national affairs while recuperating in a London hospital. Who paid the huge expenses and why he did not travel back in PIA scheduled flight instead of a special flight? Will he please or anyone else on his behalf respond to these important and vital queries disturbing the minds of the people across the country?
Quite obviously even after remaining out of Pakistan for 39 days, he is still haunted by Panama Leaks crisis and the united opposition is in no mood to let him go off the hook and in the next few days will come out with unanimous strategy to mount the pressure on the PM and his government.
To silence the united opposition in this regard is very simple and easy. If PM Nawaz Sharif, brother Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and other family members have clean hands, as they are repeatedly claiming of not being afraid of any accountability, then the Prime Minister should offer himself for probe by any forum as the much-demanded Judicial Commission is yet to be formed as its Terms of Reference are far from being finalized. Will the rejuvenated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif do this and then have smooth sailing afterwards provided he and his family members are given clean chit in the context of the Panama Papers Leaks?

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