PM announces third major allocation for Sindh

Jacobabad to get Rs1b development package

Votes are earned through actions, not slogans

Salahuddin Haider


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, on his third visit to Sindh within a short span of time on Friday, again announced a major grant of Rs 100 crore for Jacobabad, as part of his package plan for the development of the southern province.
His presence in sweltering heat, mercury shooting up to 46 degrees Celsius, and a full bloom sun overhead, was not a joke, and yet a huge crowd had turned out to greet him, clapping and raising full-throated slogans in his favour.
Acknowledging their warmth, love and affection for him, the prime minister paid eloquent tributes to his supporters for being at the ground in such oppressive heat since 1.00 p.m. in the afternoon. He remarked that he could not say how much grateful he was, in fact touched and overwhelmed by their love and affection for him.
Regretting that Jacobabad, despite being a historic and important city, because of its location, bordering Punjab and Balochistan, and rich traditions, had remained neglected and ignored for decades. He was profoundly sorry for them, because those in power since for most part of the last half century since 1970, had done nothing for its development which could change the life style of the population.
However, he said that, although it was not his job, but since the area was in dire need of development, he was announcing a federal grant of Rs 100 crore to be disbursed through a committee, in which he will also nominate two members of his choice to team up with the district nazim.
On demand from Babu Sarwar Jatoi, president of the Sindh PML(N) in place of Ismail Rahu, who now looks set to be with the rival PPP, Nawaz offered 100 transformers for Jacobabad, promising to sign the order for their delivery soon after reaching Islamabad. He was conscious of the difficulties of the people, and would do everything within his power to ensure supply of electricity to streets and villages around the main city.He also announced to establish a vocational centre for training of ladies of the area. New gas lines will be laid out for the facility of the people and Passco centres will also be set up. He also announced that he will himself bear the cost of hospitalization and treatment of a 30-year old young man Pervez, suffering from cancer. Nawaz Sharif said that his plan to expand the health card scheme to all over the country, will soon be implemented in Jacobabad. He will send a team to survey the area, and on its report, execution of the plan will begin.
Lambasting the People’s Party for neglecting the people of Sindh, despite being in power for eight consecutive years, he said pathetic conditions in the city, in fact all over Sindh, including Karachi, had been painful. He asked the people to ask those ruling them as to what had they done for them, and why had they remained neglected till date.

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