Plots allotment to govt employees on seniority basis recomended


The Sub-Committee of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Thursday recommended that priority should be given on seniority basis in allotment of plots to government employees in order to entertain every employee without any discrimination.
The committee met here at Parliament House under the chairmanship of MNA Shafqat Mahmood, convener of the committee. Member of the committee Muhammad Junaid Anwar Chaudhry was also present on the occasion.
The committee discussed the agenda of Audit Para of unauthorized/unjustified allotment of plots to ineligible persons out of specified quota Rs.389.00 million.
The committee said that these housing schemes are welfare activity and criteria should be on seniority basis to entertain all the government employees across the board, adding that plots should be allotted to the employees who not allotted any plot in earlier housing schemes.
The committee in its observation said that some employees even not allotted plots after 40 years of service while some get two or three plots within only after two years service.
The committee further said that government housing schemes should provide plots on welfare basis to all the employees without any discrimination. The senior officials of ministry of Housing and Works informed the committee that 15,000 kanal land would be acquired for the Bhara Kaho Housing scheme for all the registered applicants.
The committee also directed ministry of Housing and Works to provide the list persons who allotted plots in under developed sectors and later shifted to developed sectors.
The committee in its observation said that this is policy implication to shift plot from under developed sector to developed sector. —APP

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