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The other day, I received a WhatsApp message on my mobile which said, “Jesus was born in a cowshed, so Christians must stop eating beef.” This is a statement made by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader, Indresh Kumar of Alwar, Rajasthan. So, here is yet another learned member making a new discovery as far as Christianity and Islam are concerned. Needless to say, the man does know or understand what he says. The ruling party (BJP) at the Centre and in several States of India like Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan really has a lot of learned members.
Some time back, we have heard of the ‘scientist’ who defied Darwin’s theory and discovered that man did not evolve from the ape. Then we have historians who from time to time, make statements on Indian history; in fact, they are trying to rewrite history (I hope our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reading this). It seems a Committee is also in place to conduct a holistic study of the evolution of 12,000 years of Indian culture. They also have philosophers in their ranks. They liberally give advice on what Indian women should wear in order to avoid being raped. They also tell us what we should avoid eating in order to save ourselves from getting lynched.
According to Indresh Kumar who supports both the RSS and the BJP, crimes like mob lynching can be stopped if people stopped eating beef. He also emphasized on the role of ‘sanskar’ (values) for dealing with such problems. He goes on to say that if the practice of eating cow meat is stopped, many such satanic crimes could be stopped. What is that ‘satanic crimes’ he is talking about? What next can we expect from such illiterate leaders of our country?
Mumbai, India

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