Plea to testing authorities

Rameez Ali Mahesar
Darbello, Sindh

In Pakistan, tests for different posts have been handed over to different institutions. Thus, these institutions have been taking tests for different types of jobs. Myriads of candidates across the country appear and compete in the examinations for different jobs which are being conducted by different Testing institutions. Within the country, two of the big institutions National Testing Service and Pakistan Testing Service – NTS and PTS respectively – are active in getting almost all the tests from candidates around the country.
Some weeks ago, PTS conducted the tests for various jobs of teaching faculties in different departments of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur. But the oddest thing was that the Service got the tests on Friday, a special day of prayer for Muslims. On account of this, many students (Muslim) could not offer their Jumma prayers. Additionally, some other prayers were also missed. This is something which is not desirable. Being a Muslim, I very humbly entreat concerned authorities to conduct tests on any day other than Friday and at times when no prayers fall meaning thereby before Zohr prayers. Hope our request would be entertained.

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