Play where it is needed..!

SO often in a violent world we join the violence..! At 4.00 p.m. on May 27, 1992, in the war-torn city of Sarajevo, people hungry for bread lines up outside a bakery. Without warning, a bomb fell killing twenty-two people.
Not far from the scene lived a musician named Vedran Smailovic, feeling sad about the slaughter, Smailovic decided to fill happiness into the sadness of the war and the lives of his neighbours. Every day thereafter, at precisely 4.00 p.m., Vedram Smailov took up his cello, placed a little campstool and played music.
He played to the lonely streets, to the smashed trucks and burning buildings, and to the terrified people who hid in the shelters while the bombs dropped and the bullets flew. Day after day, he played for peace, for compassion, for you and me.
Through his music he was saying, ‘Listen, we are made to share beauty! Listen, we are made to share truth! Listen, we are made to bring peace to the chaos! Listen, be renewed, inspired, uplifted, and know you are cared for!” In the way he knew best, using the resources and talent before him, Smailovic exercised dominion over the war in his neighbourhood and pushed back the effects of the violence.
This is something we all should try and do. Where there is hate, let us bring the beauty of music, of art, of storytelling! People need to see that there are lovely things to live for, that it is not worth dying. If you have a talent for singing, sing when there is horror all over. If you can play a musical instrument play it to people and relax their fighting spirit.
You and I should rise each day and ask God, “What rubble do you want me to breathe your life into today? How can I make something or someone feel beautiful today? Then pick up your own “cello,’ or your voice or drawings in whatever form that may take, and play or sing or create art.
Fighting doesn’t just come from bombs of war and aren’t always visible to the eye. They can exist in the human heart and in our relationships, coming from things life abuse, addiction, deception, fear, hate, lust, lying, malice, oppression, selfishness, thanklessness, violence, waste, and these “bombs?” are going off all around us every day. Take this opportunity to see the war near you. Wake up, take your stand, and play your heart out..!

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