PLA’s 90th anniversary

CHINA marked the 90th anniversary of the People Liberation Army’s with massive parade the other day. President Xi Jinping inspected the troops at country’s largest training base. To mark the day an impressive ceremony was also held in capital Islamabad that was attended by Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa and Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong who described military-to-military cooperation between Pakistan and China a pillar of bilateral relations.
Indeed the Chinese military has witnessed great development under the dynamic and visionary leadership of President Xi Jinping. Addressing the parade, Xi stated that China needed a strong military more than ever as it moved closer to the goal of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Given the challenges facing the region and changes happening at global level, it is needless to say that a strong Chinese military in fact is imperative for peace and stability at the wider level. As regards Pak-China military relations, both the countries have achieved many milestones together, which also speak of level of trust that exists between the two countries. Collaboration in numerous projects including joint production of JF-17 thunder fighter jets and now maritime cooperation are hallmark of these relations. Moreover, bilateral visits by officers from both the countries in various military installations and academies, institutions and joint military exercise have further deepened the historic ties having a futuristic vision of enormous potential. China is also the only country, which is extending support to Pakistan in civil nuclear energy. Addressing the ceremony, Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa was right in saying that the close collaboration spans over a wider canvas than ever before and ranges across strategic initiatives like China- Pakistan Economic Corridor. Given the threats faced by the CPEC from different regional and global players, the two countries, while being mindful of them, will further enhance their collaboration to make the corridor project a complete success bringing fruits not only to the peoples of Pakistan and China but the entire region.

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