Planting trees in Turbat

Mehraj Altaf

Recently, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif gave the go-ahead for the green Pakistan and under this project more than 100 million trees will be planted in next five years on thousands of miles of roads and canal sides. Unfortunately being a resident of Turbat, I have never seen a tree ever planted on the roads of Turbat. The roads have been constructed and the beds for trees are also made but it is more painful to mention that trees are lost. Due to the lack of trees the temperature is increasing thus limiting the chances of rainfalls.
In my whole life I have never seen more than two rains in a year in Turbat; this is because of cutting the trees for making food and not planting new and more trees. The lack of trees is causing serious health issues in Turbat. I request to the government and all the residents of Turbat to plant more and more trees in Turbat. The chances of rain would be more and the people will be secure from hot weather.
—Turbat , Balochistan

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