Pitches for T20 World Cup

Muhammad Khalid Anwer

Each time Pakistan and India lock horns in a cricket match, players roll up their sleeves and often present their best but in some unfortunate games, even their best performances go waste and as a result the game is lost. In the previous match of Pakistan vs India, at Eden garden, Pakistan made the total of 118 and gave the target of 119 to India in 18 restricted overs, which was not a bad total on such a difficult pitch. That pitch was certainly not for T20 matches. The management was highly criticised by the experts, analysts and former cricketers of Pakistan and India. As the level of pitches does not matches the level of ICC World T20.
It seems like the only duty of ICC is to check the bowling angles of Pakistani bowlers and ban Pakistani bowlers for their bowling angles, ICC should take notice of the pitches being prepared in India for their own good benefits and pay attention to this grim issue.

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