Pink taxi

Mairah Shahzad
Via emai

Pink taxi is going to be launched on March 23, 2017 in Karachi for women, which would be driven by women taxi drivers. Transportation for females as always been a big issue who have to go out for jobs, education or any other personal reason but now it has been solved by the pink taxi system. This will provide women to have a safe drive without any hesitation and fear of being harassed. It will provide females to have a comfortable and convenient ride at any time of the day. This initiative has shown that women are strong that they can drive taxi in the city and can help other women.
Pink taxi has also provided an opportunity to females to earn money by driving in a safe environment. Pink taxi will be used by mobile phone app, which will be available to customers in a very short time at their gates. Pink taxi is a great help for women and government should also launch this type of system for female customers in other cities of Pakistan to get benefit from this system.

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