PIMS VC powerless, mafia sits on transfer order of social welfare officer

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, PIMS, the premiere healthcare facility of the country is being run by vested interests while those who have all the required qualification and excellent degrees, but no proper connections are repressed, discouraged and sidelined.
An ordinary case of the transfer of a social welfare officer is the best example of this trend. PIMS well-intentioned Vice Chancellor Dr Javed Akram on March 8, 2016, on complaints transferred Mr Tariq Mehmood social welfare officer from Islamabad Hospital to the Children’s Hospital. Four months and twenty-one days have passed but the said officer has not ‘given in’ to the orders and is still working on the post. Those who are well aware of the PIMS affairs, claim the officer is on his seat because he handles funds of around Rs300 million, an annual grant to the hospital by the government.
This he has been doing for the last 24 years. Throughout these years, many EDs came even the status of ED was converted to Vice Chancellor and many went but no one dared move him. Even a number of complaints were lodged and inquiries held against him and he had to reply on questions like utilization of these funds, zero output of the social welfare department of the hospital etc, but each time the officer in charge came out cleared.
This time, too, the transfer order of Mr Tariq Mehmood landed in the dust bin. According to sources and Mr Tariq Mehmood admitted that he even did not possess the required qualification, Masters degree in Sociology or Social Sciences is required, but still he is calling the shots.
PIMS spokesperson Dr Aisha Isani when asked to comment on non-implementation of the VC’s orders said the orders would be implemented without fail. “We are only trying to find out the right person.” When her attention was drawn to the fact that another social welfare officer Shamas-ud-Din who has the experience and qualification to assume the charge, she said as soon as the seniority issue is resolved we would make the appointment. Shamas-ud-Din has done his M.Phil from National Defence University and is a Ph.D scholar and qualifies for the post, said the sources.

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