PIMS hospital

Oct, 29 2018, I visited the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), which is one the busiest hospitals in the country and, is the largest hospital in the federal capital, where around 10,000 patients from all over the country visit on a daily basis. The PIMS is known for providing quality healthcare to the patients. However, at present, the health facilities provided in the hospital are quite ordinary.
Now, PIMS faces a collection of serious issues. It is overburdened due to a large number of patients from all over Pakistan. Doctors do not focus on patients properly because of being overburdened owing to growing number of patients {and, sometimes, doctors own interest}. I also heard from the patients that doctors ask them to visit their private clinics instead so they get a chance to earn extra money. Although, the patients expect from the doctors to provide a quality healthcare to them which is timely, respecting human privacy and with dignity. The patients also complained that doctors do not check properly and suggest the medicines to buy from private pharmacies. The patients also complained that Doctors of the hospital remained absent from their duties. Most wards and the Out Patient Department (OPD) are run by trainee/ junior doctors. This has resulted in a crisis situation at the hospital.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf‘s government is requested to look into the dilemma being faced by the PIMS. As PM Imran Khan also promised with the nation at the time of election campaign to bring reforms in health sector and provide the best medical facilities at the grassroots level, there should be a cleaning of corrupt elements from the hospital. The doctors should focus on their patients instead of treating them only for monetary gain. It is responsibility of government that they should take steps for the redressal of this issue and doctors, who are already part of Government hospitals, should be banned to open their private clinics.
Shams Hussain Farooqi
Palandri, AJK

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