PILDAT tears apart democratic cloak of political parties

A LATEST survey report by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) has re-confirmed the perception that generally there was lack of democracy within political parties of the country. As per the report, most of the parties fared poorly on almost every criteria to judge internal democracy in political parties of Pakistan.
Though it is no revelation but credit must go to PILDAT, which, as per its traditions, has highlighted an important issue once again and hopefully, this would be taken as eye-opener by these parties as people of Pakistan would no more give credence to their hollow claims about being champions of democracy. Like the charity that should begin at home, the democracy too should be first practiced within the political parties before making demands for true democracy in the country. It is ironical that in many of the Third World countries there are dynastic or family rules. In some of the countries where claims of democracy are being made, there too the democracy is nowhere to be seen, in its true essence. In India, Nehru – Gandhi families has been ruling despite claims that the country is the largest democracy of the world. In Pakistan, Bhutto family has been ruling the country and in other parties as well the party leadership mostly goes down in the hands of sons and daughters of top leaders. Almost in all cases, ordinary workers have no say in running affairs of the parties. It is strange that those claiming to be democrats are shy of holding intra-party elections and offices are distributed among few individuals with feudal or other background. The most shocking aspect of the report of PILDAT is that PML-N, which is founder of Pakistan, has been ranked as the least democratic party of the country, followed by MQM. It is incumbent upon the leadership of PML-N to take immediate steps to remove this unfortunate perception.

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