PIC performance being further improved

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Medical Superintendent Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) Dr Dildar Ahmad Khan has said that the performance of the PIC has been improved as during the previous year, 1244 angiography procedures performed besides, provision of other facilities.
He said that only one month data of different procedures and tests revealed that indicators had been improved.
Giving details, the MS said that during January 2016 total 1244 angiography/angioplasty procedures were performed whereas during the current month upto January 27 total 2017 such procedures were carried out.
Similarly, last year in January total number of Thalium Scan was 513 while the current year upto January 27, the number of the scan tests had reached at 647.
Dr Dildar informed that during the month of January 2016 seventy six CT angiography tests were performed as compared to 255 tests upto January 27, 2017.
Another indicator of good performance of the PIC was Echocardiography tests which also reflected improvement, he added.
During the last year in the month of January a total number of 2547 echocardiography tests were performed while in the current month of January 2017, a total 2655 such tests were carried out.
The medical superintendent said that best treatment as well as diagnostic facilities were being provided to the cardiac patients in the state of the art Cardiology Institute of the country.

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