PIA passenger’s travails

As a motivated citizen, I took the PIA flight 797 to Toronto on 22 June. To begin with, the flight departed late. As the plane took off, my wife and I thought our worries were over and we would enjoy a smooth journey in the business class. Our consolation was short-lived when the seats refused to recline. The TV did not work; its remotes rattled in their brackets. To top it, we soon realised the washrooms in the plane were dirty and choked. The stench emanating from the washrooms was unbearable. But there’s little one can do when flying thousands of feet above ground.
The onboard service was sloppy. As a septuagenarian, I couldn’t possibly be a gourmand. Yet one could easily lose the appetite with the type of food served onboard by the hostesses. I’m a frequent traveller to Canada but I had not witnessed a similar situation in PIA flight earlier. I was disappointed to observe that there were no foreigners travelling on this flight. Maybe they had experienced the washroom stench earlier and had decided not to go near PIA. However, as a Pakistani, I was most disillusioned to see the despicable performance of my country’s airline that once made us proud of it.
Toronto, Canada

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