PIA downfall

There used to be an era when the glory of PIA was in full swing. PIA was deemed to be one of the finest and most promising airlines in the world. It, even once helped some other airlines to grow robust. But, the unfortunate reality is that it has been ranked as the 3rd worst airline in the world by AirHelp. PIA is now {in-}famous for delayed flights, poor management and pathetic passenger service. We also saw dozens of viral videos about people’s obnoxious experience with PIA which further aggravated its image.
People no long prefer travelling by PIA because they find it utterly unreliable and unsafe. It is a saddening fact that our new government is not paying any heed to the severe downfall of this once leading airline. If such scenario remains unchanged then the day is not far when it will be ranked the first worst airline in the world.
Nonetheless, it is never too late to mend; we have high hopes from our new government and specifically our PM Imran Khan. It is high time the PM considered this gigantic issue and chalk out some meticulous policies to rescue this drowning sector. Sustainable solutions are pressingly needed in order to restore the lost glory of PIA.

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