Naveed Aman Khan

DURING 2002 elections Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) rose as a circumstantial political phenomenon. It swept KP and Balochistan while influenced Punjab and Sindh provinces but ended at corruption and worst governance. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Lahore show 2011 was an admitted political phenomenon because of corrupts People’s Party governance. This PTI wave continued till elections 2013. PTI in 2018, because of its pathetic governance in KP during last five years and performance on the roads, is on decline to worst. Now in 2018 besides countless political blunders and personality shortcomings Nawaz Sharif has emerged as new political phenomenon. Nawaz Sharif was ousted from premiership on July 28, 2017.
The responsible designers of this political game were sure that this time Nawaz Sharif and his party PML-N will disappear like vapours but Nawaz turned the tables turtle. He like former Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo did not just pick up his shoulder bag and got shifted from PM House to Jati Umra Raiwind via Motorway. Neither had he taken half an hour flight from Islamabad to Lahore. After July 28, 2017 he played his first card very successfully and started his new political journey from Islamabad to Lahore via GT Road. This back home journey emerged new Nawaz Sharif phenomenon. Isn’t it? Had he been in PM House till date he would have been out of new political scene of post-2018 general election. His disqualification and third dismissal as Prime Minister while third time bridegroom Imran Khan of 67’s qualification paved Nawaz’s way to yet another phenomenon. Investigations and court decisions against Nawaz Sharif and other PML-N leaders gave him political advantage rather than negative response. On the other hand Imran Khan’s romance after romance and marriage after marriage during last four years badly exposed his priorities, interests, decision power, personal life and political stature. This was big blow to Imran Khan’s voters and fan club. Asma and Aasma killings and Shareefan Bibi far beneath humanity incidents remained last nails in Imran Khan’s coffin and KP PTI governance. During last five years 222 minor children were abused and killed in the KP. Imran did nothing. Neither had he visited any of the grieved family in the KP. Rather the culprits have been saved and supported up to his level.
After having enough Bushra-branded spiritualism, mysticism and blessings compare Imran Khan’s Lahore show of January 17, 2018 with Nawaz Sharif February 4, 2018 of Peshawar. Simply Change has come. When Nawaz Sharif was falsely colouring Peshawar, interestingly bride Bushra Bibi was present in Imran Khan’s palace of Bani Gala busy in witchcraft , spiritualism and mysticism. These days in her spiritual guidance Imran says prayer and sits under a holy tree in Bani Gala residence. This was the moment when Imran Khan’s sister Mohtarma Rubina Khanam after meeting third time bridegroom Imran Khan and second time new bride Bushra and spending three days in Imran’s Bani Gala residence decided to leave for Lahore. But Bushra is still in Imran’s Bani Gala home as once again first lady though he claims that he has proposed her, not married yet. Imran Khan couldn’t perform yet let see what peerni delivers?
Though Nawaz Sharif’s performance during his third term as PM once again was not ideal yet he was successful in the completion of development and power generation projects to show his successes to the masses pre-2018 elections. His dramatized connectivity with party leaders and common man has made him phenomenon. He did nothing ideally on education and health matters at all. Now he claims if he had not been ousted he would have provided jobs to Pakistani educated youth. What a bad luck of the youth. Is it so? Today after five years of PML-N rule twenty-two hundred teaching and non teaching daily wages staffers of Islamabad government schools and colleges are begging for their modest 8-month salaries. Even after Islamabad High Court and Supreme Court’s decisions of the confirmation of staffers, Minister CAD Tariq Fazal Chaudhry refused to implement court decisions which is another contempt of court. Those serving the nation are begging for their modest salaries. Will honourable courts also look into this already decided but implementation denied case? Intellectuals, scholarly founders and stalwarts of PTI Akbar S Babar, Hafeez ullah Niazi and Dr. Mona Gohar rightly word to word believe that the February 4, 2018 PML-N Peshawar show would reconfigure KP politics as the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf October 30, 2011 Lahore show changed national politics. Will Imran Khan’s new marriage politically support PTI? No is the simple reply. PTI stands on the precipice of being swept aside. No one else is responsible among turning the tide against PTI but Imran Khan himself and to a lesser degree the scavengers that surround him today. He is enough for himself and PTI. He doesn’t need any foe to ruin him and the party. So to Pakistan and the nation.
PTI and the politics of change was a sacred trust that he breached with impunity over the last few years thinking that people are slaves and have no other option. The PML-N Peshawar show was both a vote of confidence for Nawaz Sharif and his defiant politics and an equally resounding vote of no-confidence against Imran Khan for his politics of no returns. Those who built PTI with their sweat and blood have watched painfully over the last few years its destruction under a leader who simply lost his morality compass just at the delicate time of history. The genuine PTI workers have been humiliated and disgraced at the cost of rank opportunists. The ticket allocation for the coming Senate elections is only the most recent example of PTI selling its soul to the highest bidder. The vultures that surround Imran Khan are less to blame as the buck stops at the leader.
All those dedicated and yet dormant PTI workers must also take partial blame for allowing Imran Khan to take them for granted like sheep and goats. Had they united and found the courage to stand up, the PTI decline could have been arrested before it reached such destructive proportions. The choice now at this eleventh hour is for Imran Khan to either make way and let those who built PTI brick by brick rebuild it or allow PTI to become past and close transaction and with it end up in dust bin of history. The clock is ticking. Isn’t it?
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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