PFA at work

BECAUSE of prompt operations against those selling unhygienic and adulterated food items, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) over the last few years has emerged as a reliable organisation on which the people really trust for fulfilling its responsibilities. While food authorities have been established in all the provinces but it is only the PFA that is always in the news for sealing the outlets selling food not fit for human consumption or seizing contaminated items.
In yet another big operation, the PFA on Saturday seized a factory producing cooking oil from animal offals’ in Mozang, Lahore. According to PFA authorities, the unit was secretly working in a residential area, adding that the oil being produced was not suitable for human consumption and it could only be used for bio-diesel or making soaps. It is an undeniable and unfortunate reality that adulteration in food items and even medicines has become a curse for the society. No one can justify or defend it. In fact there is hardly any food product be it milk, juices, spices etc which is not adulterated by unscrupulous elements, forgetting all moral and human values, just for the sake of more money and thus playing with the life and health of the people. While we appreciate the work done by PFA against these merchants of deaths, we expect that those nabbed are also handed down strict punishments at the earliest as this will serve as a deterrent to put an end to this curse. As the problem is not confined to Punjab only, other provincial governments are also required to fully activate and equip their food authorities with necessary resources to carry out raids on daily basis at eateries and premises manufacturing different substandard food products. The media also needs to supplement the efforts of authorities by exposing the names and faces of adulterators on the TV screens. The people also have a responsibility to keep a check on their surroundings and inform relevant authorities if they see any activity relating to production of unhygienic or substandard products, as mostly such items are prepared in residential or other less suspicious areas in order to deflect eye of the law.

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