Personal ambitions at cost of national integrity

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Zaheer Bhatti

Pakistan’s history is replete with instances where ambitious individuals have gone far beyond their asking to showcase their loyalty to the demi-gods on earth. More recent in times was spineless capitulation by its Commando General Musharraf on a midnight call lying prostrate to US demand to side with it against neighbouring Muslim Afghanistan after the 9/11 drama planned far ahead of its enactment, the fall out of which Pakistan continues to bear.
He stuck his neck out offering to be in the vanguard of the sinister NATO campaign to take out Usama Bin Laden who was being harboured by Afghanistan. The US had blamed Osama for masterminding the twin-tower self-designed episode and wished to take him out which it allegedly did a decade into its Afghan campaign from his planned Abbottabad abode inside Pakistan fooling everyone in Pakistan, beating their own story to have killed him in Tora Bora years back, just as it took out Saddam Hussain from the safety of a basement in which he had been housed by the Allied Forces themselves. The integrity of both escapades is grossly doubtful but the US objective of implicating Pakistan and Iraq were served courtesy the more compliant respective rulers since removed from the scene.
Musharraf not only provided free passage to NATO supplies through Pakistan into Afghanistan but without asking, also made available its key airbases flying military missions to devastate Afghanistan besides allowing them to construct vast Intelligence fortresses in Islamabad and Karachi allowing thousands of operatives in to carry out subversion. This was subsequently evidenced by daylight murder of two Pakistanis by Raymond Davis who they had been tracking. Worse was that the CIA operative was allowed out of the country in familiar capitulation by another hapless Government in Pakistan making a habit of living on crumbs of aid rather than pulling up socks and relying on its own resources.
These compromises have been made not only by virtually all civil and military rulers but by the so-called pillars of democracy including its judiciary under cover of the coinage of the Law of Necessity and a streak of highly questionable judgments which have tainted their very constituency already hampered by the loopholes left in the colonial system. It is a foregone conclusion that the entire system of Governance requires overhauling to make it work, which can only be achieved with conviction and sincerity for the State rather than expediency.
Taking a lead from the rulers some upstarts in the society have also embarked upon making a career out of sycophancy and opportunism which has thrown up scores of blackmailers and double-crossers in the Pakistani society who would do anything to achieve personal ambitions; Hussain Haqqani among them taking the cake, without naming for the moment other mercenaries embedded in the society.
His track record leap-frogging from Islami Jamiyat-e-Tulaba, the student Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, into Gen. Ziaul Haq’s military lap, next hop 1988 into that of Nawaz Sharif’s PML(N), but changing loyalties in the early nineties to the Pakistan People’s Party he somehow continued to cling on to the Armed Forces plank like most opportunists do to stay credible. With political leadership in the country despite having been hard done by him, easily succumbing to the temptation of using such blackmailers against each other time and again, Haqqani revealed his true colours after succeeding to become Pakistan’s Ambassador in the United States when he bent backwards to promote American interests and to please his Imperial Masters in bashing the Pakistan Army, its Intelligence wing and the clergy alike.
Altaf Hussain was another serpent reared-up by Ziaul Haq, whose evidenced RAW connections and murderous crimes in Pakistan besides targeting law enforcers have made him guilty of high treason against the State of Pakistan. These three for the moment, namely Pervez Musharraf, Hussain Haqqani and Altaf Hussain are enough to fit the bill of High Treason against whom there has to be concerted action no lesser in magnitude and intent than against terrorism and external elements compromising State sovereignty, but it is lamentable that despite being ostensibly proceeded against in the Court of Law for the singular crime, Pervez Musharraf and Hussain Haqqani have not only been allowed to leave the country allegedly with a wink from the khakis, and are being provided unabated exposure over Pakistani media which is an insult upon injury.
Similarly, barring an eye-wash in re-naming the Hyderabad and Karachi Universities after Fatima Jinnah and Abdul Sattar Edhi earlier named after Altaf Hussain, representatives of the traitor’s London based MQM instead of being instantly outlawed, are being allowed media space to help them stay current. Talat Hussain and Saleem Safi, both considered honourable gentlemen of the Press are prompt in deciding not to invite Javed Latif an erring PML(N) MNA to their TV Shows, but sadly along with some other Channels find it in order to continue inviting those being tried for treason which amounts to being accomplice to their crimes; So much so, that a recently allowed TV Channel which does not tire in self-eulogy,is promoting Pervez Musharraf responsible for Pakistan’s present predicament, with a serialized interview.
Why do we not hear about these three being recalled through Interpol? The Government is quiet, the Judiciary is quiet and so are the Media, the political leadership and the so-called civil society; all of them being answerable for not acting in unison against the prime criminal subjects of the State pursuing personal ambitions at the cost of national integrity, leave alone their own incapacity to frontally look external enemies in the eye.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.

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