Persistent inflation in Ramazan

Fayza Waheed

As the holy month of Ramadan has set in with all Divine bounties and Blessings, the prices of commodities are escalating. People have Hobson’s choice to purchase things on the given prices they are forced to pay. Basically, the essence of writing is to highlight the main causes of price hike in Ramadan. The demon’s of profiteers and hoarders has come out of dungeon, as the devil is chained in with the onset of Ramadan. This is really the point of shame that the reason behind price hike is not flood, rain or any natural calamity but Ramadan-ul-Kareem which teaches us to practice self-control and empathy for the less fortunate, thus encouraging generosity and charity. What a paradox to what we see happening in Pakistan whereas in all other Islamic countries the prices are dropped down in Ramadan. However, Government appears to have flopped in controlling the prices. Even the price lists issued by the local administration seem a showpiece in the shops since the shopkeepers are not following the prescribed rate list on the one pretext or the order. The Parliamentarian who call them champions of humanity and welfare of the masses, are least bothered about the problems of common man and leave consumers at the mercy on profiteers. From now it seems that people have to get ready to bear the huge storm of inflation this Ramadan as well.

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