Performance of Parliament

SENATE Chairman Raza Rabbani on Friday said that parliament was being wrongly blamed that “it does not discharge its duties properly and take up issues of national interest”. In his remarks in the house on the first day of the new session on Friday, Rabbani while referring to a recent judgement of the Supreme Court in which the apex court had asked the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to repatriate all its employees working on deputation to parent departments, said that that issue was first taken up by the Senate.
There are no two opinions that under Mian Raza Rabbani, the upper house of parliament has undergone a huge transformation in terms of following rules and regulations and output. It is, perhaps, for the first time that the house almost daily completes all the agenda items on the orders of the day, substantive discussions are held on important national issues, ministers are taken to task for their inefficiency and slackness and efforts are made to safeguard interests of the federating units. However, all this doesn’t mean perfection has been achieved as still a lot has to be done by parliament to come up to the expectations of the masses and restore the image of the supreme institutions in the eyes of the general public. No doubt, on some occasions, parliament played its role in defusing crises and coming out with solution to complicated situations but on a number of other occasions it remained irrelevant. Some parties in parliament preferred compounding the situation further because of self-centred approach. There is unending grievance of the people that parliament was not playing its due role in mitigating their sufferings. This is particularly so in the case of the lower house where everything is not right. Majority of members do not take interest in the proceedings, many others prefer not to attend the sessions at all and even Ministers seem to be least bothered to improve their performance despite repeated warnings and highlighting of the issue in media. Parliament is and should be the supreme institution but this requires serious efforts on the part of each and every member to contribute his or her share and do principles-based politics.

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