Perception provoking commercials

Muhammad Uzair Khan

We are living in a democratic country and we all surmise in freedom of speech. Health is wealth and nothing is predominant than living a healthy life. But some liberals in our country conjecture that health is only “khaa ley, pee ley, jee ley”. One of the famous detrimental commercial nowadays is perpetually running on television. Everyone knows what it is and how unhygienic that mercantile is. The slogan is that, “Mirchi kay tarkay ko…and so on”. The thought of this catch-phrase is instantly appealing everyone, exceptionally the teenagers to do exactly what the catch-word is saying.
Now my question is, if anything occurs to any of our citizen after doing the same, will the company be answerable or it may take the responsibility? No! Only PEMRA is the institution that can grasp it; its officials may once again go through the Code of Conduct for advertisements aired by its licensees. So please check these kinds of twaddle on television and assure the healthy and nutritious forthcomings of Pakistan.
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