People’s faith in democracy

TO coincide with observance of International Day of Democracy on Thursday, Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) released a research-based survey, which indicated that majority of people of Pakistan are highly satisfied or satisfied with the democratic system and quality of democracy in the country. Public satisfaction has been fairly consistent over the first three years of the currently elected governments on the overall quality of democracy
This is surely reflection of people’s faith in democracy despite severe jolts to the system during the last three years and the credit for this achievement goes to the PML(N) Government. Some political parties raised temperature on different excuses and as a consequence there were apprehensions that the Government would stand derailed from the path of progress and development but the ruling party not only effectively countered moves by these parties but also continued its journey on the path of development. It is mainly because of work done by the government in the realm of infrastructure, energy and economic management that people have reposed confidence in democracy. However, we have been urging in these columns that fruits of development must reach the gross-roots and much needs to be done to improve governance. The present Government has done little for institution building and that is why we see sharp deterioration in overall administration and management. There are scores of problems of the people, which can be addressed by mere alertness on the part of the institutions and authorities concerned but there is lack of accountability and vigilance. While we urge the Federal Government to take care of this aspect, it would also be advisable for other parties having Governments in KPK and Sindh to shun rhetoric and try to excel in service. They must bear in mind that less than two years are left to the next general elections and they will have to score many points to turn the tide in their favour.

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