People’s court vs judicial court

A Judicial Court is assigned jurisdiction by the constitution itself to decide the contentious matters brought before it by litigants, whereas the People’s Court is assigned to decide the political question of a nation. The Founder of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah asked the important question of partition from the Muslims of India instead of approaching British or Hindu judicial courts. It is only the people who have to elect or remove their elected representatives based on their performance and that other institutions need not to intervene in their affairs. In a democratic system the People Court is considered to be the best forum to make the ultimate decisions. Decisions of such People’s Courts should be respected and their representatives allowed completing their tenure to accomplish their policies and projects to be ultimately gauged by the People’s Court itself at the time of their re-election or otherwise.
Charter of Democracy may play an effective role by way of unity of thought in the policies beneficial to the people and not the parties concerned with getting united and friendly for themselves and against the interests of the people. Political parties should come up with workable program/manifesto instead of exciting and alluring slogans.

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