People start roaming bazaars in search of sacrificial animals

With just weeks left for Muslims around the world to celebrate Eid, the members of various households have started to roam the bazaars in search of goats and sheep that will be sacrificed in the way of the Almighty on the sacred occasion.
A report aired by a private news channel said, people in large numbers particularly children and youngsters along with their elders throng to the cattle markets to visit to the different sort of sacrificial animals brought to sacrifice in the way of the Almighty on the sacred occasion.
The VIP tents in the market are occupied by bulky, healthy and colourful animals. The market is seeing an increasing rush of customers with each passing day as large crowds of people, mostly window-shopping, are drawn to the markets to see the variety of cattle.
A large number of people were seen at different traditional cattle market while negotiating with traders /dealers to reduce the prices of animals, said a citizen Ahsan Ali. “I have been looking for a cow priced around 70,000, but it seems a bit difficult to get one at my desired price, since sellers are reluctant to sell the cows,” said a customer in cattle market.
“We spent a lot of money on the cows. The customers are offering far too low prices just as they had last year. I have three cows left, but will not sell them at the lower prices,” Cattle trader said, adding that most customers are still surveying the market.
A citizen Javed Ikram, “those who have space in the compound of their houses to keep sacrificial animals save money as they buy the animals at cheap prices much before Eid”.
Mohammed Bakir, a resident, said traders try their best to make as much money as possible during the Eid Al Adha season.
Traders said prices of sacrificial animals will go up by 50 per cent near the days of Eid. “Eid UL-Adha always starts earlier for the dealers. I came to Punjab on August 2 and have sold 10 sheep and four cattle so far. But each customer complains about the prices,” a trader added.
He said high cost of fodder, transportation of animals and high fee of cattle market owners were contributing to an increase in cattle prices on occasion of Eid-UL Azha, another trader Umer Khan said. “We will buy a buffalo in last days of Eid with a hope the prices may go down,” Khurshid Khan, a buyer said.—APP

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