People protest against POL price hick

Our Correspondent


People from diverse segments have protested against the increase in the POL prices and have called upon the government to take pity on them to relieve them from the burden which has already broken their backbone.
Vice President Pakistan Kisan Board Amanullah Chatha, Malik Shoukat Ali Phularwan, Rai Haq Nawaz, Lal Khan and Asghar Bhatti said that the POL prices have already emburdened all segments of society but recent increase in the prices have aggravated the state of affairs. They said that due to the increase the transport fares, prices of almost all the commodities and cost of food production would ultimately be further increased causing multiple problems to the masses.
The Kisan leader further said that due to increase in already high prices of diesel oil, the growers were already undergoing financial crises and present increase would further break their back. They have called upon the government to decrease the prices of POL.

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