People performance

Hashim Abro

Many retired rehired Babas ever accord any importance to people /employee’s performance, professionalism and strength of character in different public sector organizations but they weigh and value personal loyalty, flattery and many other such like immoral things.
What type of justice is it to deny promotion to a few deserving officers? Employees Service Rules are framed with this contemptuous thing in mind to keep too few deprived of their promotion right. A person appointed as Stenotypist, LDC/UDC or Assistant, among others, deserve promotion as time-scale formula for promotion and not others who are appointed directly either in BPS-16 or 17. Many talented people are degraded are compelled to quit the organizations which is why our public sector organizations have failed to attract the best talent but who cares about talent management and organizational development in this country where retired are rehired to run and ruin organization both of resources and talent.

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