People being killed with slow poison of contaminated water: Haleem Adil


KARACHI : Leader Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh, Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that rulers are killing the poor people of Sindh with a slow poison of contaminated water.

Talking to media persons outside the premises of Sindh High Court (SHC) on Friday, Haleem Adil Sheikh said life and health of millions of citizens in Sindh are at the stake, as untreated industrial and sewerage water highly contaminated with poisonous chemicals is being discharged into water bodies, which is also a grave ecological threat.

He said even we cannot have a proper ablution and bath as the potable water being supplied with us is mixed with the gutter water. He hoped that the Water Commission would take a stern action against all sources of water contamination in Sindh province, so that the citizens can get clean water.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said besides the government, the owners of factories and industries are also directly responsible for this wholesale water contamination as they release their untreated industrial wastes directly into the water bodies.

The PTI provincial leader said the presence of dangerous chemicals including heavy metals in our rivers and canals due to release of untreated water is a grave threat not only for humans but also for our fauna and flora. He said in fact our whole environment is at the stake as the contaminated water is rapidly affecting our ecology.

He said the rulers themselves drink costly mineral bottled water using the taxpayers’ money, while the poor people and taxpayers along with their children are compelled to drink poisonous contaminated water.

Quoting the water commission, Haleem Adil Sheikh said almost 92percent water in Sindh is contaminated and hence not fit for human consumption. He said a large number of factories in Karachi, Hyderabad, Nooriabad, Jamshoro, Kotri, Sukkur, Larkana and Dadu are releasing their untreated water into the water bodies, especially canals, and this poisonous water is later supplied to the citizens for drinking purpose. He said due to this malpractice different diseases, especially hepatitis, are rising in whole Sindh and many people are dying for no fault on their part.

He said budgetary funds of billions of rupees are devoured every year by the corruption mafia in Sindh. He said the PPP government has not only failed to give people bread, clothing and shelter, but it has also deprived them from clean water. He said this slow poison of contaminated water is seen by many people as a plain genocide of poor people, how cannot afford bottled water.

The PTI Sindh leader praised the role of the apex judiciary in doling out justice to the voiceless people. He said the directives of the court on our petition to go to the water commission are our big success. He said the rulers should discharge their responsibilities as it is not a healthy tradition that the intervention of the apex courts should be sought in the matters that could be easily resolved by administration.

Earlier, Haleem Adil Sheikh along with his team of lawyers appeared before the Court in connection with his filed in 2013 against the contamination of water with industrial and municipal sewerage.

The apex court asked the petitioner to go to the water commission formed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and lodge his complaint with them.

Orignally published by INP

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