People can earn millions by cultivating Moringa

Staff Reporter

People can earn millions of rupees by cultivating Moringa trees on commercial basis. Some countries in the region are earning billions of rupees foreign exchange by cultivating these trees and preparing its by-products.
This was stated by director Floriculture Punjab, Sheikh Javed Iqbal, while talking to media here on Monday.
He said that Moringa is a miracle tree and there is a need to create maximum awareness among people about its cultivation. He said that fortunately this tree’s origin is our country and we have very conducive environment for its growth.
“Traditionally our people have some know-how about the benefits of Moringa (Sohanjna) and our old generation has been familiar with using its leaves, roots, etc.,” he added.
He said that there is a need to create awareness among young generation regarding this tree and to encourage them to cultivate it on commercial basis. There are numerous benefits of the use of items produced by Moringa tree, like controlling ageing factor.
He said that due to the benefits of this tree, the Punjab government is working on its promotion and its cultivation. He said that weight, sugar, blood pressure etc. can be controlled by using it. He said that for animals, it helps increase milk production and improves health of animals as well.
Sheikh Javed said that modern research has proved importance of this plant and it could be consumed as vegetable, food supplement, green tea, cosmetics, medicine, fodder for animals etc. He said that people in developed countries were using Moringa in various shapes.

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