People advised to change behaviour towards eunuchs

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Islamabad—Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik, Chairman, National Council of Social Welfare has said it is very unfortunate that our behaviour and attitude towards eunuchs is not good and we should change our behaviour and should consider them a part of our society.
Dr Nadeem was addressing a one-day awareness seminar “The Social issues of Khawaja Saras (eunuchs) in Pakistan and their possible solution” organized by National Council of Social Welfare, as chief guest. Representatives of Civil Society, NGOs, students and other stakeholders attended the seminar.
In his presidential address, Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik, said that Islam was the religion of humanity and its message was clear that all humans are equal.
He said, “Those societies are strong whose family system is strong. It is unfortunate that our behaviour and attitude with Khawaja Saras (eunuchs) is not good. We have to change our thoughts positively.”
Dr Nadeem said our constitution protects basic human rights of all the citizens of the country including Khawaja Saras and added that in the light of Supreme Court judgement, the rights of provision of National Identity Card, right to vote and inherit property are given to them.
“In order to protect their rights, a bill is under consideration. We are hopeful that after passage of this bill their basic rights such as education and employment will be protected. We should commit that we shall consider them a part of our society and treat them fairly and justly,” he said.
Dr Nadeem said that after public awareness there would be no more Khawaja Saras’ related problems in Pakistan. public infrastructure in remote communities.
To date, USAID has funded the construction and rehabilitation of more than 1,100 kilometers of roads in Pakistan, including the four major trade routes between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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