Pensioners’ plea

M Z Rifat

The Federal Budget for financial year 2016-17 is in the final stages these days for presentation in the National Assembly as the fourth budget of PML(N) government of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
Millions of pensioners, spread all over the country, like me are already hoping and praying that irrespective of what the Federal government doles out as adhoc relief for the serving public servants, the Pensioners will at least be given essentially 20 per cent, if not more, increase over their existing pensions. Unlike serving public servants who have many other allowances and privileges besides, pensioners have only their pension as main source of income to cope with ever-mounting price hike of essential articles.
Unfortunately, the pensioners have no representative body at any level to voice their concerns and problems so the Federal Government must take notices of the plight of the pensioners and take appropriate steps for their redressal. There is also no government machinery to deal with pensioners’ problems. Hopefully, the media will take up the plea of the pensioners to the corridors of powers as effectively as they voice concern on the other segments of the society.
— Lahore

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