Pemra issues notice to TV channel

Islamabad—The Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority on Sunday issued a show-cause to a private television channel for airing a verbal brawl between Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-F leader Hafiz Hamdullah and women rights activist Marvi Sirmed.
The media watchdog said the channel could face a fine of Rs1 million or get the talk-show suspended if it fails to defend its decision to air the program.
The PEMRA said not only did host of the show have no control to prevent the guests from indulging in heated argument, but it appeared the threats and insults were deliberately allowed to continue to the extent that might have led Hafiz Hamdullah to attack the female analyst had the other guest not intervened. “It is clearly noticeable from the clipping of the program that this was done at the expense of dignity of guests, which is against journalistic ethics,” The PEMRA further noted that the program was recorded rather than live, which further strengthen the impression that the exchange was deliberately aired with the sole purpose of causing provocation and disorder.
“Causing discord and riots through trough TV programs is a flagrant violation of Supreme Court about which the PEMRA has already issued a final warning to TV channels on May, 28, 2016. The regulatory body said it received complaints from senior journalists, women and men, crticising NewsOne TV and calling for strict action.

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