Pediatricians confident of polio eradication by 2019

Child specialists addressing a workshop organized by pediatrics department, Baqai Medical University, sounded confident that polio virus would be virtually eliminated from the environments of the country by next year (2019).
Prof. Dr. Jalal Akber, Vice President, Pakistan Paediatrics Association, Sindh chapter, Dr. Zafar Mehdi and Dr. Arshad M khan were of the unanimous opinion that efficient utilization of expanded program on immunization (EPI) has finally helped achieved the much cherished goal to protect against the crippling disease.
“World Health Organization (WHO) has also endorsed our efforts and confirmed that the polio virus would also be eradicated from Afghanistan and Nigeria in near future,” said Dr. Jalal Akber.“We are being provided with an opportunity to expand the utilization of EPI tool on an updated pattern to contain several other vaccine preventable diseases that continue to compromise survival quality for our kids,” emphasized the senior child specialist.
Prof. JalaL Akbar reiterated that country must urgently expand the its existent expanded program on immunization in accordance with world standard with equal attention towards mothers’ health.
“Women in general and particularly those falling in reproductive years also can be protected against series of infections through timely and quality vaccines,” he said particularly referring to anti-tetanus.
Vice President, Pakistan Pediatrics Association – Sindh also highlighted the importance of breast-feeding for the babies and their mother—APP

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