Peaceful Pakistan

Unfortunately, the world sees Pakistan as an extremist territory, promoting terror. The reason behind this is that the world is being shown a dark side of Pakistan and is ignoring all its positivity-promoting aspects. The international media has only presented a negative image of Pakistan whereas the true picture of Pakistan is entirely different from what is being projected. Pakistan is a land of HOPE. No matter what happens, Pakistanis always have a ray of optimism in their eyes. Pakistan is a country whose people welcome everyone whole-heartedly and prove the best hosts. Pakistanis are a sports loving nation and Pakistan promotes peace through sports. This land has a rich culture, different languages, and ethnicities.
The world must also see that Pakistan is suffering a lot with regard to the spread of extremism in the world. This country has been fighting a war against terrorism since long and especially after the gory incident of 9/11. The world must also see that Pakistan military, being one of the best armed forces in the world, is engaged in eliminating every element which is a cause of destruction in this region. The Pakistani soldiers are sacrificing their lives for the security of their land and people. Being Pakistanis, this is our duty to show the world a positive side of this land and prove that we are a peace-loving nation. So let’s promote a peaceful Pakistan, together!

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