Peace restored in FATA

TERMING the mainstreaming of the FATA a must for its long-term progress and prosperity, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said on Monday that the government was working to achieve the task in line with the aspirations of tribal people. Addressing a tribal jirga in Miramshah, he said that the government and all political parties were serious about mainstreaming the area and in this regard the process was under way.
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has become first Prime Minister to visit the area after restoration of peace in the troubled region following operation launched by the armed forces. Earlier, army leadership also took some foreign visitors including senior US Generals to FATA to afford them an opportunity to have firsthand knowledge of what Pakistani forces have gained. These visits helped remove wrong perceptions created by some vested interests about Pakistan’s efforts in elimination of extremism and terrorism. Reconstruction work undertaken in a planned manner and resumption of routine life and businesses would surely go a long way in creating right conditions for mainstreaming the area that should have been a priority immediately after creation of Pakistan but our leaders did not demonstrate the required level of foresight and sagacity and as a consequence we suffered in terms of economy and loss of reputation besides serious law & order situation. It is also relevant to point out that despite consensus on mainstreaming FATA the progress towards realisation of this objective and how to achieve it remains questionable. Conflicting interests are not allowing initiation of genuine administrative, legal, constitutional and economic reforms that could help inculcate the sense of responsibility among people of FATA as an equal citizen of Pakistan. It is also a fact that army cannot and should not administer the area for too long and the civilian set-up should take up effective control without further delay as a national duty.

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