Peace not death

FOLLOWING more bone-numbing sanctions on North Korea by UN Security Council, US President Donald Trump wrote on the social networking site Twitter that the world wants peace, not death. It indeed is a long cherished dream that cannot be achieved merely by uttering words but through action and commitment. Today unfortunately the world is presenting a very gloomy picture — which is blood soaked and where oppressed people are forced to flee their home countries to save their life. In fact it is not very difficult to find the reasons of this dismal situation. The country which claims to be a super power and whose role by that status should have been to promote harmony, cohesion and collective development chose the opposite with the aim to serve vested interests and to maintain hegemony. Washington’s post 9/11 policies, killing people and invading the countries at free will, has made the world more insecure and highly unstable than ever before.
Given the promises made by Trump in his election campaign that he will disengage his troops from different countries, one had pinned great hopes that this Republican candidate will not follow the footprints of his predecessors and steer the world out of conflicts and wars but Alas! All those hopes stand dashed while some of his recent decisions and actions indicate that he is pursuing an untrustworthy course having the potential to push this world deeper into crisis and chaos. His most controversial decision has come in the form of recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which has not been accepted by the world at large. Though it was meant to appease the Jewish state but it will have far serious consequences as it has dampened hopes of any peaceful resolution of decades old Palestinian conflict. Then, storm is also surrounding the Korean Peninsula with the American Defence Secretary James Mattis urging the US troops to be ready for the war. Syrian situation continues to claim blood while by giving a bigger role to India, the US continues to stoke instability in South Asia. In fact Trump made his intentions very clear vis-à-vis Pakistan, China and Russia while announcing his first national security policy a few days back. The world already has seen much death and destruction over the last one and a half decade and if the US President is really interested to save the people from more bloodshed, he needs to give a serious review to his current policies. By stopping support to terrorist monsters or countries, he needs to stand by the oppressed people and work together with other major powers including China, Russia and Europe while accepting a multi-polar world to make this planet peaceful and prosperous.

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