Peace: The need of hour

It is a natural phenomenon that every one wants contentment and happiness that are produced by peace. While there are some pre-requisites of peace including distributive justice, tolerance, pluralism, social control and order, fundamental equality, positive freedom, impartial role of media, unconstrained civil society, women empowerment, army of literate people, social capital between people and state.
What an irony that above mentioned pre-requisites have been waning in our society that result in extremism, terrorism, corruption, low foreign direct investment, identity crisis, rampant health issues, raising internally displaced people, food shortage, stunted growth of children. It is gruesome news that Pakistan’s position is on 152 out of 160 countries in Global Peace Index 2017. Praisingly, we have improved our position from 153 to 152 but it is still not good. Starting National Action Plan in 2014 is a good initiative by the government but it is not fully implemented yet.
It is dire need that peace should be prioritised and all the stakeholders of society should play their constructive and positive role to ensure peace. Media, a powerful weapon, should use all its potential to educate the people about the importance of peace. Justice, equality and freedom which make the society peaceful should be assured by the government. Corruption should be eliminated by iron hands.
Khairpur, Sindh

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